The YogaRuka Studio in Sydney brings up a revolutionary concept in training in an unparalleled setting.

Our approach to teaching is unique: together with classic yoga, we impart Stretch Therapy™ classes, a focused movement framework, and yoga fusion with elements of functional training and dynamic stretching. Through the years we have found this combination often produces better results for people living the modern Western lifestyle than standard hatha or yin sequencing, or even than the more scientifically established methods such as Pilates or Gyrokinesis. The purpose is not just to make a shape with one’s body, rather to acquire long term strength, endurance and flexibility, and recover or enhance one’s overall fitness and mental balance.

Our sanctuary is the first studio to date in Australia to be fully ecological. We aspire to have the smallest possible environmental footprint so, from the 100% biodegradable mats to the organic cotton bolsters and straps, to rice husk bricks, to the resin used for the restoration of the flooring, everything has been done to honour the health of you and the Earth.

Last but not least, it is Australia’s first full-time yoga shala in an old church. The building itself was established in 1942 as a hospital for WW2 soldiers returning from the front, later repurposed as a children’s hospital, then 7th Day Adventist House of Prayer until transformed for present use. It is an absolute architectural treasure and it’ll be sure to exude that distinctive atmosphere you need for your practice. It is spacious enough to comfortably fit a few dozen people, but many of our classes will be smaller and more intimate than that.

YogaRuka is meant to be as much your practice space as it is ours, to accommodate for a collective of diverse individuals who are willing to share their interest in movement, in healthy and conscious living, and who can come together, beyond their differences, to create an authentic and enthusiastic community.

Co-founders Rua and Karen first met during their yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, India. Albeit initially living in different countries - the former travelling, the latter back in London -, in the name of their shared passion for yoga and a mindful lifestyle, they decided to associate and teach together as itinerant instructors. They organised a few retreats, then workshops, and were honoured and humbled by the immense enthusiasm their little venture acquired. Given the more than positive feedback from practitioners all around the world, they eventually decided to open a physical studio in Sydney, NSW.

Karen Pasquel

A web developer for years in Spain and then the UK, Karen decided to make a leap for something more meaningful, and more human-oriented. Since experiencing the innumerable benefits of yoga first-hand, she began teaching it first in her corporate context, and from there the progression to a variety of settings was only natural.

Her biggest passion today is to share the gift of Yoga and focused movement with as many individuals as possible.

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Rua Hvitulv

From a history as a teacher of sciences, to a journalist writing about the Mafia in the heated Neapolitan metropolis, to a multi-disciplinary artist fiddling with print and the web, Rua has changed lives a few times over. The only thing that seems to stick is her passion for learning and for sharing mindful experiences rather than just knowledge - and that’s how today she is a dedicated meditation facilitator, a stretch therapist and a multi-style yoga instructor.

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