• We also offer classes, events, memberships and packages that are not currently available through the Mindbody app. Please contact us to purchase or find out more.

    NB: Our yoga shala is not a big franchise - it is an independent studio, and each assigned teacher does also their class’ reception work. We insist therefore you arrive 10-15 minutes before the commencement of classes, so we can check you in and have you settle, pick your spot and mat, do some gentle warm up at your own pace, and hydrate before class. Please understand we must close the doors as soon as class begins. Those who arrive after class has started will not be let in, as it would disturb the experience of the other participants

  • Dynamic Fusion Flow

    A challenging set of Vinyasa Fusion sequences, it samples dynamic and static asanas in an organic flow guided by the breath. Its inspiration springs from the Ashtanga Vinyasa tradition intertwined with DMT (Dynamic Movement Therapy), interval training, and Pilates. You will build and consolidate strength, stamina, stability and litheness, re-awaken your body awareness and clarity of mind while exploring progressive postural ranges. You’ll have the opportunity to challenge yourself and experiment with your practice, come out more confident, restored, recharged.

    Open to all levels; while more experienced students can go to its deepest depths, beginners will be offered simplified variations of each pose in the flow. However, we recommend attending a Foundation, a Hatha Fusion or a Focused Movement class for your first approach to yoga ever.

    Slow Fusion Flow

    Vinyasa Fusion that involves gentle transitions from one posture to the next, synchronising breath and movement into a smooth and more meditative flow. Anchored in the Classical Hatha tradition but also in kinesiology and kinanthropometry, it brings together yoga asana and pranayama with modern elements of functional training, dynamic stretching and calisthenics. An opportunity to move at a slower pace, allowing for your muscles to heat gradually with the breath that deepens, giving you time to contemplate the deeper purpose of each asana at a time.

    Don’t dismiss this series of sequences if you’re an advanced practitioner - it’ll be sure to challenge you in different ways from the Dynamic Fusion Flow.

    Hatha Fusion

    Stamina-building, progressing sequences designed to prepare body and mind for vigorous shifts in energy. In the spirit of traditional Indian yoga, blended with principles of ST (Stretch Therapy) and functional training. Each of the seven sets follow a pre-defined structure that adds to itself week after week. They focus alternatively on: neck and shoulders; upper back; lower back; core and quads; hips/pelvis; upper limbs and hands; lower limbs and feet. A 15-minute breath work/Pranayama will flow into a 15 to 20-minute long “warm up”/Pawanmuktasana series, and from there into a condensed, strong main sequence finalised in a deep, 15-minute long relaxation.

    This is an intense, albeit meditative, practice through which you will enhance your strength and endurance, improve circulation, mobility, and internal organ function, while working toward boosting your mind power.

    Focused Movement

    This class is a special treat for those who want to explore a different kind of practice, for those who need a full walking, sitting and standing postural reset, for those who are happy to go with the flow, for those interested in alternative forms of yoga such as Japanese Zen yoga, yoga therapy, Jivamukti yoga, but also Tai Chi, contemporary dance, myofascial release techniques, YTU (Yoga TuneUp), and more.

    Foundations Course

    A 6 week rolling series, which you can join at any stage, to delve into the fundamentals of Hatha, various slow and fast flows, and functional movement for Western bodies and lifestyle. The “Foundations” classes are paced and structured to increase in difficulty very gradually, so those completely new to yoga or living a sedentary lifestyle, can stay safe and feel confident to follow. Each class will offer insights into the immediate physical and mental health benefits of the asana practice, and hopefully provide a glimpse into other aspects of yoga, and the deeper transformation that a consistent long-term practice can catalyse. Appropriate for any age and range of motion, it will be facilitated by two teachers simultaneously so each participant can get full attention and assistance when needed.

    Although created with true beginners in mind, this course has been refined over the past 2 years to fill what we perceive as a gap in the Western approach to yoga: the unlearning of bad method can completely fill. At the end of the “Foundations” Course you will be fully equipped to safely progress into all the other YogaRuka classes - and most yoga classes around the world - with poise and cognisance.

    Restorative + Meditation

    Mellow, and a great complement to a more active practice, this class is all about slowing down and opening the body, and will work as an excellent antidote to stress and tension. Props here will be used to support your body so the muscles can thoroughly release. It will be followed by a 15-20 minute long meditation.

    The room will be heated during the cooler months and we provide blankets, however please bring multi-layered clothing since it’s important to keep the joints warm throughout.

    Yin Yoga

    Phenomenal for quieting the mind and body while improving self-knowledge, endurance and flexibility. Yin yoga postures, which appear as modifications of traditional asanas, apply moderate stress to the connective tissue (tendons, ligaments, fascia) in order to improve blood flow and nutrient provision to the joints. A more meditative approach to asana, yin yoga is however about more than cultivating inner silence. The YogaRuka yin yoga class honours the spirit of its creator, Paulie Zink, who intended it as a practice by itself, since it includes the full range of Taoist yoga, with both yin and yang elements.

    It’s highly recommended to wear multi-layered clothing to keep the joints warm since movement here is spaced and subtle.

    Partnered Flow

    This class is designed for you to exercise, stretch, strengthen and be playful with your family member, lover, friend, colleague, or whomever you’d like to bring with you - but you can also partner on the spot with a new person each time. Partnering for postures offers some radical benefits, such as acquiring balance faster, encouraging trust, enhancing communication and connection, going much deeper into poses you used to struggle with, helped and supported by your yoga partner. This practice will allow you to also delve into massage techniques and pose adjustment skills.

  • Private Session

    Private yoga tuition, Stretch Therapy and Yoga Therapy adjusted to your very specific needs, via a full anatomical assessment. Possibly the best way to begin yoga, and definitely the ideal way to start building a personalised at home practice that will truly bring your body to a state of balance and health never reached before. It can be held as per your choice at the YogaRuka studio, at the student’s domicile, or via Skype.

    • Andrew Pollock-Tape

      Professional Brewer, Lourdes
      Rua is a great resource; she works patiently, conscientiously and effectively. As a complete neophyte to yoga, it was important for me to start with someone who would take my level of abilities into consideration. The routines she planned for me both challenged me with and taught me basics at a level where I was able to both participate and understand what I was doing and why, despite being a Skype session. Able and willing to describe the science in the practice, Rua managed to make me feel comfortable in a completely new system from my first class with her.

    At request it can include a longer or shorter relaxation, or - albeit not recommended - none at all. Sensitive to trauma, we can do hands-on adjustments or just verbal cueing. We can discuss the best diet to integrate with your training. We also impart private classes on meditation techniques, kids’ yoga private classes, yoga for the disabled, and more. Please be in touch with any questions.

    Facilitated by our teachers in function of their area of expertise, these classes can also be given in other languages than English (at the moment - Spanish, Italian and French).

    • Desi Kadyova

      Yoga Practitioner, London
      I tried two or tree different yoga studious in London but trust me, Karen's classes are on another level. She is super friendly and gentle but at the same time pushed my limits to do things with my body that I have never imagined I can do. Her training is a mind and heart opening experience and I would recommend Karen Pasquel a million times to anyone who wants to start practicing yoga or looking for someone to practice with.

    Open - by Donation

    A 75-minute Hatha or Vinyasa Fusion flow. Every ObD will offer a different typology of conscious movement class. But whichever it will feature, it will be the ideal way to jumpstart the weekend with creative flow sequences, at times some partner work, and every time a thorough relaxation and meditation. This class is open to everyone, beginner to advanced, and it’s donation based (pay what feels right). You are welcome even if you don’t have any sort of membership with us.

    50% of the revenue accrued from these donations will be directed toward the charities and trust funds we support. Please see Charities for more information.

    Yoga Brunch - Coming Soon!

    A 90-minute Dynamic or Slow Fusion Flow, or Hatha Fusion, every Sunday morning. You have the option to stay after class for a delicious little buffet prepared by YogaRuka! All locally sourced and pesticide free/organic/biodynamic. It’s up to you whether you get the whole package or simply come for class only. Book in through our website or the Mindbody app, but please let us know beforehand if you’ll stay for eats, since we’ll need an idea of how much food to make.

    For the Brunch please bring $16 in cash with you, otherwise you can pay $18 by card on the spot.
    The menu for the Sunday to come will be published on Wednesday morning, so you have time to decide.

    Kids Yoga

    Yoga for children in a non-competitive and supportive environment. It will help noticeably improve focus and concentration, self-esteem, reading retention, and motor skills of kids of any age. Using engaging games and activities, kids and adolescents can expect to have a blast while learning individual and partnered postures, breathing and relaxation techniques, and meditation.
    Class themes will center around specific needs for every age group (5-8, tweens, teens).

    You can also book private classes for your child, or for a small group of special needs children - please call us to enquire.

    Corporate Yoga

    The bottom line of yoga is thorough mind-body balance, thus yoga at your office is guaranteed to increase creativity and productivity, decrease stress levels, reduce absenteeism, improve health and wellbeing, help employees that work long hours maintain focus and high performance levels.

    YogaRuka offers singe and 10-class packages for your employees to enjoy yoga in the comfort and convenience of the workplace.

    Single Class Pack:

    • 1 class for small team (2-8 people): $210
    • 1 class for larger teams (9+ people): $300

    10 Class Pack (payable in two instalments):

    • 10-class pack for small team (2-8 people): $188/class
    • 10-class pack for larger teams (9+ people): $255/class

    Facilitated by any of our teachers, in function of the required class typology. For very large teams (20+ people) two teachers will be dispatched.

  • packages
  • Introductory 3-Week Pass

    $39: available strictly for new students who have not attended yoga classes at YogaRuka before; valid for 21 consecutive days (starting from the date of purchase), one pass per person.

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    10 Class Pack

    $188: optimal for those who want to practice occasionally. This pass saves you money (-15% on the full price) and is valid for six months.

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    Monthly Membership

    $149: gives you access to unlimited classes - even several daily if you’re up for it - and is the most efficient way for you to begin and/or maintain a consistent practice. Monthly direct debit payments, min. 3 months contract. Terms and conditions apply.

    Other membership benefits include:

    • 10% discount off retail products
    • 10% discount off workshops, seminars and retreats
    • the option to suspend membership anytime after the first quarter
    • exclusive member deals and offers

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    Drop-in Class

    $22: welcome to drop-in anytime for a one-off class

    The table below provides the average cost per class for concession categories, based on how many times a week you would be practicing.

    Type of Pass Total price Price per class
    @ once a week
    Price per class
    @ twice a week
    Price per class
    @ thrice a week
    Price per class
    @ 4+ times a week
    Introductory pass $39 $13 $6.50 $3.90 <$3
    Drop in class $22 $22 $22 $22 $22
    10-class pass (-15%) $188 $188 $188 $188 $188
    Monthly membership $149 $37 $18.50 $11.50 <$8.75

    Concessions + Giving Back to the Community

    The concession pass is available for full time students, some part time students and pensioners. It offers a discount of about 40% on the full price and can be purchased in studio as long as you have a valid concession ID card.

    The table below provides the average cost per class for concession categories, based on how many times a week you would be practicing.

    Type of Concession Pass Total price Price per class
    @ once a week
    Price per class
    @ twice a week
    Price per class
    @ thrice a week
    Price per class
    @ 4+ times a week
    Introductory pass (-40%) $24 $8 $4 $2.50 $1.80
    Drop in class (-40%) $14 $14 $14 $14 $14
    10-class pass (-40%) $110 $11 $11 $11 $11
    Monthly membership (-40%) $90 $22 $11 $6.90 $5

    We are also offering FREE classes for highly disadvantaged social groups: Aboriginal Australians, refugees and their children, homeless people of any extraction. Please contact us to find out more and organise your free yoga training schedule.