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Studio and Teachers

Our studio is committed to helping people move and feel better, whether in your athletic pursuits or your daily life.

The YogaRuka studio, located in Russell Lea-Drummoyne, brings together many different styles of movement to help you feel great in your body.

Our approach to teaching is unique: we combine various yoga lineages with aspects of Stretch Therapy™, a focused movement framework, functional training, Pilates, Yoga Therapy and other contemporary methods of mobility.

Owner and founder, Rua, has found that this multidisciplinary approach when it comes to moving our body works best for people living the modern Western lifestyle. Rua and her team of teachers know that the purpose of yoga and movement is not just to make a shape with one’s body. Yoga and movement are about acquiring long term strength, endurance and flexibility, and recovering or enhancing one’s overall fitness and mental balance.

Our sanctuary is the first studio in Australia to be fully sustainable. We aspire to have the smallest possible environmental footprint so, from the 100% biodegradable mats to the organic cotton bolsters and straps, to rice husk bricks, to the resin used for the restoration of the flooring, everything has been done to honour the health of you and the Earth.

Our space is unique in that it is the first Australian yoga studio in a restored church. The building dates back to 1942 and is an architectural treasure, providing plenty of space and beautiful light to enhance any practice.

YogaRuka is a community focused studio. We want you to feel at home in our space and to make it yours. Anyone is welcome who wants to share their interest in healthy and conscious movement, and living.

Rua Hvitulv

Rua Hvitulv

Rua is co-founder and owner of YogaRuka.

From a history as a teacher of sciences, to a journalist writing about the Mafia in the heated Neapolitan metropolis, to a multi-disciplinary artist fiddling with print and the web, Rua has changed lives a few times over. The only thing that​ has been​stick​ing​​ throughout​is her passion for learning​,​and sharing mindful experiences rather than just knowledge - and that’s how today she is a dedicated meditation facilitator, a stretch therapist and a multi-style yoga instructor.

​She is striving​ to teach - or perhaps even better, facilitate yoga, and movement - the way​ she would have always wanted to be taught. ​Her long-term goal is to gather around ​her a new generation of practitioners who think of yoga​​and all its​ ​offshoots critically, not superstitiously, who aspire to work healthily and live mindfully; to offer a resource for those who want to approach it from a different angle; to offer a space for those who have tried and failed to get into it many times before, to try once more.

Watch a video of Rua’s class



Morgan was a fairly unathletic child who found his way into a gym at age 20, where finally he thrived in a non-competitive environment. However, being unconditioned, he quickly collected some injuries. He turned to yoga, and then other methodologies like Stretch Therapy and Fighting Monkey, which not only rehabbed his injuries, but to his surprise turned him into someone “athletic”.

His classes are a mix of everything he’s ever tried, as he believes variability is the key to good health and good movement.

Watch a video of Morgan’s class



Yoga has been part of Leah’s life for over 10 years. It’s been her saving grace while navigating the often challenging and rejection filled life of an actor!

As Leah’s passion for the practice grew, she was drawn to take a 200hr teacher training in India and during this time she discovered a love and a calling for teaching. Devoted to never stop learning, Leah is currently studying a 100hr mentorship with Rua Hvitulv at YogaRuka.

With a deep respect for the tradition of yoga, Leah aims to fuse her classes with a balance of traditional and modern practices to encourage functional movement for a 21st century body.

Leah seeks to help others thrive and connect to the true essence of who they are through the practice of yoga.



Hi my name is Jenna, my approach with teaching asana is the same approach I take with my health & wellness clients; respecting bio-individuality while engaging in functional movement that supports us day to day.

My 14 year love affair with yoga began when I was able to develop a new relationship with my mind & body with less judgment of the outcome. As my curiosity grew so did my desire to learn all aspects of the ancient yoga system such as pranayama, meditation & Ayurveda. Seeing how it can be used in modern times has now become my passion and joy to share with others. With 1200 hours of teacher trainings under my belt I still am a student and students are my teachers.

Come and join me for a breath centered practice that explores your own body’s movement and encourages safety, awareness and wellbeing.



Gita first started practising yoga in 2015 to find relaxation in the midst of a hectic working mother’s life.

Along the practice, she found Yoga helped her not only to relax, but also improved her strength, her flexibility, and turned out to be a great tool to integrate body, mind and soul.

From hot yoga, she gradually turned more to Vinyasa and Dynamic Hatha, and after a lot of self-exploration and attending different teacher trainings, she also involved Yin in her very Yang practice.

Learning from the Yin Yang Theory, she parted with the absolutes and found a new sense of balance both on and off the mat.

Her first accredited Yoga Teacher Training was in early 2018 in Jakarta, but her passion for yoga inspired her to continue to further educate, taking on a 100hr Yin Teacher Training with Yinspace in Sydney, a Restorative Yoga module with Sukha Mukha, a Jivamukti Spiritual Warrior set, a 50hr Meditation module with InYoga, a 50hr Prenatal /Postnatal Yoga with Sarah Moore and a 50hr Yin and Meditation with Dini Yoga. She is also currently training in Pilates techniques.



Rebecca completed her Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training in early 2020 and has since done an additional Yin Yoga Teacher Training and a Pregnancy and post-birth yoga course. She has an extensive interest in anatomy and physiology, and is doing a continued mentorship with our Head Teacher at YogaRuka.

She thoroughly believes in the beneficial impact of yoga on the physical body and for mental health as it’s helped her rehabilitate her own injuries, and she’s been witnessing the impact it's had on her students through this past year, and others.

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