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Our easy step-by-step guide.

Step 1. Buy your Taster Deal

We use a booking app called Momoyoga. When you click through to buy your very first pass, you’ll need to pop in your deets and choose a password. Once you’ve registered, simply select the taster pass. We’ll activate it for you with your first visit.

You can pay for your 14 Day Taster right then online, or at the studio by card. At $49, that’s less than a cup of coffee per day.

This amazing introductory offer is only for new clients and can only be purchased once.

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Step 2. Come to the Studio

Be an awesome early bird for your first class! 15 minutes will give you time to meet your teacher, pick your favourite spot, and fill in your intake form. Bring water and a towel with you, and feature comfortable clothing - comfy is the new black ;-) Bringing your mat is optional: the studio has all the needed gear.

While bookings are not essential, they are highly recommended as some classes sell out and we reserve the right to cancel any unbooked ones.

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Step 3. Experience the Class

Whether you are new to Yoga and Calisthenics, or an advanced practitioner of any sport, you are entering a new space and approaching a new method.

In addition to those comfy clothes we encourage you to wear Shoshin: the beginner’s mind. It’s the attitude of openness, eagerness, and lack of preconceptions when studying a subject, even when studying at an advanced level. Just as a beginner would. (Ain’t Zen Buddhism great!) Pay attention to the instructions, and try to not default to automatic pilot, even if the practice feels familiar. If you do not understand something, or if it doesn’t feel quite right, don’t be shy - inform your teacher!

Do: rest whenever necessary, let your teacher know if you feel sudden pains you are not used to

Don’t: wear shoes in the studio room, leave your mobile phone on, be late or leave early (except in cases of emergency)

Step 4. Give Back the Love

We have a gorgeous space we poured a lot of love - and work - into. In recognition of it, in 2017 we were featured on The Yoga Lunchbox as the most sustainable studio in Australia.

From the mats and props to the oils and candles, to the soaps and floor cleaning products and even toilet paper (yay “Who Gives a Cr*p”), everything that enters YogaRuka is ethically sourced and has been very thoughtfully chosen as the most ethical option of its kind on the market.

Make yourself comfortable and treat the space with the same love and consideration as the space is showing you, by leaving the mats clean, taking your shoes off upon entering, and keeping the tone of voice down.

Show Me the Dwellings

Step 5. Ask, Tell, Exchange

Our instructors are super approachable so don’t hesitate to have a chat after class to ask any questions or just share your experience.

Also make time to talk to our other lovely practitioners - first and foremost, our fundamental need as humans is Connection. And our awesome community is a great opportunity for that!

Out of the studio space, you can contact us 10am–6pm Monday to Friday at (02) 9705 1551, or email us at anytime.

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