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Welcome to YogaRuka Studio.

The YogaRuka Studio in Sydney is your new space for a holistic practice that transcends conventions to reform the culture of physical and mental health.

It is a space for practitioners of all sorts and flavours: the traditional yogis; the transversal yogis; the stiff; the flexible; the fitness addicts; the procrastinators; the nerds; the hippies; the skeptics; the disenchanted; the people who live for movement and those who have never exercised before; those who are looking to relieve stress, recover from injuries and acquire grace and ease, through methods backed by science; those who, more generally, want to maximise balance and sustainability in their life routines.


Our studio hosts daily group and private sessions of yoga, meditation, yoga fusion, stretch therapy™, together with a variety of workshops and retreats in unique locations around the world.

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