Private Stretch and Yoga Classes in Russell Lea

At Yogaruka, we recommend starting your personal practice with a private session.

Private sessions are a great way to work on your movement practice and go beyond, improving your overall health, mobility and mood. They can complement any regular asana or mobility practice. They are also a place for beginners or those working with one or many health problems.

I have not done yoga for about 7 years and hence my balance and flexibility leave a lot to be desired. They are very patient, the poses were a combination of easy and a little more advanced but a great class.
Craig Tucker-Saunders

You and your facilitator will discuss the regularity of your private sessions, as well as how often you might like to come to group sessions.

Each session is tailored to your specific needs so that when you go into a group class you know exactly what to do based on your body and unique needs.

Your first private session will begin with a full anatomical assessment. Private sessions may include any of the following practices or modalities:

  • Hatha yoga/Flow
  • Yoga Therapy
  • Stretch Therapy ™
  • Somatic modalities
  • Mixed breathing techniques
  • Clinical contemporary Pilates
  • Mindfulness, Meditation, Relaxation

Private sessions can be held at one of the Yogaruka studios (during times when group classes are not in session), at the client’s domicile (upon request, and evaluating additional costs for the extra time and transport) or on Zoom.

Before each private session you will be able to discuss with your teacher its format, any injuries you are working with, whether or not you would like hands on assists or prefer verbal cueing. There is also the option to discuss the best diet for your constitution and current state of health.

We are also able to do private sessions for kids and people living with disabilities.

Facilitated by our head teachers in their area of expertise, these sessions can also be given in languages other than English (at the moment - Italian and French).

One session

  • In the studio or online
  • Bring a friend for $25/session

5 sessions

  • In the studio or online
  • Bring a friend for $25/session

10 sessions

  • In the studio or online
  • Bring a friend for $25/session